Travel agency offers return flights to Thailand for £49

Everybody loves a bargain – so it was no surprise to see people dashing to get return tickets to Thailand for just £49.

Hundreds of people queued up overnight – some camping on the street – for the flash sale from STA travel in London and Birmingham.

The return flights via Doha would normally cost around £400 but the travel agent made the special promotion for the summer.

Some of the people queuing up waited for 33 hours, sleeping in tents, while one couple even quit their jobs to get the time off work to buy the tickets.

We both quit our jobs to come here today, because otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to make it on time,’ said Mollie Merrifield, who left her job at McDonalds to buy the tickets.

‘They just didn’t reply. We tried to explain.’

Sleeping outside a travel agents in London for tickets to Thailand for £49

Sleeping outside a travel agents in London for tickets to Thailand for £49

The cut price flights are a great bargain for those who managed to get them.

They’re valid from May to July, which is Thailand’s low season when planes would not be full.

The travel agents have clearly lost money on the price of the tickets – but they’ve gained international publicity from the campaign.

I imagine now that more people have read about it, there’ll be another similar promotion for cheap flights to Thailand in the future – and expect more people to be queuing for the tickets next time.

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