Transformers At Wat Tha Kien In Nonthaburi

We all know how difficult it can be persuading children to visit Church.

There’s television, computer games, playing outside with friends and all kinds of other distractions.

So this temple in Nonthaburi just north of Bangkok came up with a unique idea to get children to visit – they installed giant Transformers outside.

Wat Tha Kien Buddhist temple now has enormous figures made from scrap metal, just like the iconic characters from the cartoon, TV shows and films.

There’s a red transformer, blue and yellow one. Plus loads of awesome looking crap metal sculptures.

They ‘guard’ the entrance to the temple and provide a fun attraction for look at and take pictures with to show their friends.

The temple monks say the statues have “no spiritual purpose,” except to attract and entertain children who visit the temple with their parents.

The Wat Tha Kien temple in Nonthaburi which has installed Transformers made from scrap metal outside

The Wat Tha Kien temple in Nonthaburi which has installed Transformers made from scrap metal outside

SOT, Monk at the Wat Ta Kien temple, said: ”This is a Transformer made of metal from a car engine. It stands here for visitors to take photos, have fun, and later use these photos as a souvenir.”

The Transformers are  pretty cool and for anyone who grew up watching them as a youngster it’ll be interesting to see – and pose for a few selfies with them before going inside and making a small donation.

Plus, Nonthaburi is not too far from central Bangkok. The easiest way to reach the transformers at Wat Ta Kien is by car or taxi. It should take about 30 minutes depending on traffic and on a metre should not exceed 500 baht – probably around 300 to 400 baht including tolls.

It is possible to travel by train, but there are so many changes of tracks that it actually takes a lot longer than taxi.

So take an afternoon out at Wat Ta Kien temple, take some selfies with the transformers and check out what else there is in Nonthaburi.


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