Thai Government Pushes For 10.8million Chinese Tourists In 2017

The Thai government is looking to increase the number of tourists it brings in from South East Asian countries and China.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will push for 9.3 – 10 million visitors from ASEAN countries including Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam in 2017.

It’s hoped that it will boost revenue from ASEAN to 2.92 billion baht in revenue, an increase of 11.3 percent year-on-year.

The number of Chinese tourists in Thailand is expected to hit 10.8million in 2017

The number of Chinese tourists in Thailand is expected to hit 10.8million in 2017

China is still the big spender in Thailand. TAT wants to bring in 10.8 million Chinese tourists in 2017 with a projected spend of 5.74 billion baht.

However, the government is keen to reduce its dependency on tourists from China, according to Thai Visa.

Deputy Director of the TAT’s South Asia and South Pacific Region Srisuda Wanapinyosak revealed the figures.

The numbers of holidaymakers fro Australia, however, is expected to dip amid the country’s weak currency and cheaper flights to Bali and Indonesia.

This graph shows the breakdown of tourist arrivals in Thailand according to their country of origin.

Tourist arrivals in Thailand by country

Tourist arrivals in Thailand by country

Clearly the Red Dragon is way out in front when it comes to propping up the Thai tourist economy.

Yes, there are some minor cultural conflicts with Chinese. Many Thais find the rude without any manners, and there have been numerous examples of Chinese showing bad behavior and a lack of respect for Thai culture.

But when they’re pumping in nearly 6 billion baht a year, I’m sure that most Thais will find a way to tolerate this…

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