The Best Bangkok Skatepark From Small To LARGE

Find the best Bangkok skatepark today with out guide to the city’s best skateboarding spots.

Skateboarding in Bangkok has never quite taken off like it did in America – but there are still some awesome skateparks that are never too busy!

Some of the best ones have good street layouts and plenty of space to work out new lines and land tricks. Plus, they’ve also been used on several pro tours, demos and competitions in Thailand.

These parks are all great… whether you’re visiting Bangkok for a trip and want to take along a skateboard, a western expat living in the city, or a parent with a young child who loves skateboard.

This guide will show you each Bangkok skatepark one by one, the ramps they have, how to get their, the prices and when they are open.

First though, a quick tip for anyone going to a skatepark in Bangkok. Consider whether you will be visiting an indoor skatepark with air conditioning or an outdoor park. Those that are outdoors will be a lot hotter and more humid so take extra water! Or visit in the evening when it’s cooler.

The Ramp Skatepark – UPDATE – Now CLOSED!

The Ramp Skaepark Bangkok in the Esplanade shopping mall

The Ramp Skaepark Bangkok in the Esplanade shopping mall

Description: A quality street set up that’s well maintained. Several pro demos have taken place here. The park is indoors, airconditioned, has lockers and it’s safe. There’s one of Thailand’s biggest and best skateboard shops next door, too. Plus, it’s inside a mall so great for grabbing a McDonalds or other food and drinks. It’s a fairly small park but this one is usually quiet, especially in the day time on weekdays. And I can’t emphasize enough how good it is to be airconditioned!

UPDATE: The Ramp is now closed. If you’re in the area be sure to check out Huay Kwang and the surrounding areas for some awesome street spots.

Ramps: All wooden. Flat banks, boxes, rails, stair set, quarter pipes.

Location: Esplanade Shopping Mall, Ratchadapisek Road, Bangkok. Nearest MRT station is Thailand Cultural Centre

Cover: Indoor and airconditions

Opening times: 10am – 9pm

Price: 90THB for all day

Hua Mak Skatepark

Hua Mak Skatepark Bangkok

Hua Mak Skatepark Bangkok

Description: A massive professional standard indoor park that’s been featured on a number of pro tours and demos including Fallen Footwear. Hua Mak Skatepark has big ramps and big rails and it has held several competitions. This is the highest standard Bangkok Skatepark – especially for indoor parks. There’s no airconditioning but it is covered with a roof – perfect for those rainy season days. It’s big and spacious so plenty of room to land tricks and get up to full speed rolling around.

Ramps: Wooden banks, flat banks, fun boxes and quarter pipes and stair sets. Plenty of handrails. Well maintained and good condition

Location: Next to the Rajamangala Stadium (home of the Thai naional football team) This is part of the Hua Mak Sports Complex, Ramkhamhaeng Road, Hua Mak Subdistrict, Bang Kapi, Bangkok

Cover: Indoor

Opening times: 10-am – 10pm

Price: 200THb all day

Queens Park Skatepark

Queens Park Skatepark Bangkok

Queens Park Skatepark Bangkok

Description: A small outdoor skatepark in Bangkok that has a smooth concrete floor and a few small metal ramps that can be moved around. There are also a couple of low grind rails and a grind box. Plus, a nice curved, mellow long concrete bank at one side of the park. There are flood lights so it can be used at night when the heat cools off. Great for chilled outdoors sessions with friends. There is a mini ramp but it’s about 5ft high but steep and narrow so hard to skate.

Ramps: A couple of small metal kickers, a metal grind box and meta rail. Curved, low concrete bank. Mini ramp but it’s hard to skate.

Location: Benchasiri Park, Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toei. Nearest BTS station is  Phrom Phong

Cover: Outdoors

Opening times: 5am – 9pm

Price: Free 

Thammasat X-Treme Plaza

Thammasat X-Treme Plaza Bangkok Skatepark

Thammasat X-Treme Plaza Bangkok Skatepark

Description: A big outdoor concrete skatepark on the outskirts on north Bangkok. This place is a high standard, made with great quality, smooth concrete. There are loads of banks, kickers, ledges, rails, stair sets and some big hips, too. The place is floodlit and safe. Plus, it’s big and spacious with loads of flat for making new lines. Well worth a visit for any skaters in Bangkok or Thailand.

Ramps: Concrete banks, ledges, stairs, rails, kickers and hips.

Location: Thammasat University – Rangsit Campus, 12120 Khlong Luang

Cover: Outdoors

Opening times: 4pm – 9pm

Price: 100THB

Pink Skatepark Ekkamai

Pink Skatepark Ekkamai Bangkok

Pink Skatepark Ekkamai Bangkok

Description: This outdoor park under a bridge has a real street feel to it. The Pink Skatepark has international standard wood / metal frame ramps. There are flat banks, rails and kickers. The park gets its name because there is some pink graffiti and the rails are painted pink! Nothing to do with it being for girls – the ramps here are pretty tough! This place is suitable for younger skaters as  the ramps are smallish compared to pro parks. But experienced skaters will find plenty here to keep entertained.

Ramps: Banks and small fun boxes, kickers, rails and ledges. Metal frames with wooden surfaces.

Location: Next to Khlong Tan ferry pier, under the Ekkamai overpass, Phetchaburi Road. Nearest BTS station is Ramkhamhaeng SRT-city line.

Cover: Outdoors with cover from bridge overpass

Opening times: Always open

Price: Free

The Yellow Skatepark can be found under a bridge near the Wong Wian Yai BTS station. It’s an area of concrete with some DIY ramps and rails that locals have added. Good for skating when it’s raining as the motorway bridge provides cover.

Opening times: Always open

Price: Free

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